Geodrones Australia is a team of trained and talented drone operators who capture striking visuals only before imaginable. Effective drone footage not only requires high-tech equipment, it requires skill and a strong creative bent.

When choosing a drone operator, don’t just select from mid-air. It’s important to engage professionals who guarantee they fly safely and in line with legal and privacy requirements. There’s little point in investing in imagery you ultimately can’t use.

Use Geodrones Australia’s drone footage to market, promote, sell, research, inspect, map and solve problems. Use it to stand out from the competition and create impact. Use it to mark memorable moments at special occasions, including tourism events and even weddings.

Who uses Geodrones Australia?

Virtually all industries, sectors and businesses are benefiting from using a professional drone company like Geodrones Australia, to save time, money and energy and to achieve their goals. It’s an affordable way to capture footage from another perspective.

Our team is based in Canberra but fly our state-of-the-art drone technology anywhere.  And unlike some drone operators, we’re fully licensed and CASA certified so we can fly places, including some public places, that others cannot.

Jason Vella

Geodrones Australia is owned and operated by Jason Vella who uses his extensive knowledge of surveying and construction to design innovative and cost-effective solutions for clients. Jason has extensive experience in the oil and gas industry.

Jason also owns Geodetica, a Canberra-based consulting business that provides specialist support services to the public sector, corporate enterprises and agribusinesses. With an adaptable skillset, Jason has a proven track record of seamlessly delivering a diverse range large-scale programs and projects.

Tony Prior

Tony, the Director of Sales and Operations for Geodrones Australia, has 20 years of business management experience. He is a passionate drone operator, investing time and energy into capturing images that create high impact.

Through his background in motor racing competition and motor sport engineering, Tony has learned the importance of attention to detail. This skill ensures that Geodrones Australia provides top-quality customer experience and that all drone missions are performed to the highest standards of safety.