Understanding renewable energy systems you want to install, maintain or repair is now easier, quicker, cheaper and safer than ever before with high-quality professional drones.

The payload on our drones is a cut above the rest. Dual sensor capability and thermal camera are game-changers. Our drones provide the real time data you need to schedule site maintenance in one flight, significantly increasing productivity.

With solar panels, for example, our drones can rapidly and accurately assess if a roof can even handle a new solar system. We can conduct quick inspections of every single solar panel on a project while simultaneously monitoring structural components and the environment. Our leading edge aerial perspectives help you pinpoint where to install a new system and detect damage on existing systems.

With wind turbine inspections, our drones get in super close, eliminating the need for expensive and risky high-rope access to infrastructure. Eliminating manual inspections can cut costs by as much as 50 per cent.

Who is this service perfect for?

  • solar farm operators
  • renewable energy inspectors
  • renewable energy sales teams
  • wind farm operators
  • wind farm maintainers