Real estate

The old adage is true. You only have a moment to make a lasting impression. Capturing the beauty and value of property for sale is a dynamite way to build excitement and a sense of experience among buyers.

High-quality drone footage and photography helps you set the scene for potential buyers, including through beautiful video tours.


Gone are the days when those working in the commercial and residential property have to spend a small fortune conducting inspections, valuations and  reports on construction.  And gone are the days when they risk safety to do so.

The fastest, easiest and most accurate way is through high-quality drone videos and photography. Geodrones Australia will save you time, money and effort in getting the job done. No more climbing on to rooftops …

Geodrones Australia can also provide accurate aerial images that can be used to create 3D renderings of building concepts. We can capture high-definition video of every joint, support, crack and crevice.

Who is this service perfect for?

  • architects and designers
  • real estate agents
  • property marketers
  • property valuers
  • property inspectors
  • roof inspectors
  • builders