Drones offer many economic and environmental benefits for the oil and gas industry—save costs, save time, improve efficiency, secure competitiveness. Our drone equipment gathers detailed visual and other inspection data in all phases of oil and gas activities. It provides  continuous monitoring and real-time data, around the clock.

Importantly, drones help improve safety—workers no longer have to climb or enter dangerous locations. By providing regular, inexpensive and fast inspections, drones improve  efficiency and productivity. They can, for example, identify existing and potential faults, minimise shutdowns and place maintenance teams on the front foot. They also support emergency services, such as through speedy and detailed evaluations.


  • carry out aerial explorations
  • provide visual images
  • create 3D mapping, including of important landmarks needed for planning, such as rivers, roads and buildings
  • provide valuable data to improve operations, production and efficiency; identify breakdowns; forecast; identify best locations for installations, routes; other logistics.
  • provide data for forecasting and addressing breakdowns
  • provide a faster way of collecting data and calculating geological and seismic data in onshore and offshore exploration sites

Inspections and monitoring of pipelines

  • fast and cost-effective inspections and monitoring (hours instead of weeks or months)
  • save large amounts of money (no more need for expensive equipment, resources, manpower)
  • perform dozens of operational functions, including analysis and logistics
  • access to difficult terrain, remove locations, difficult to reach areas
  • detect leaks, spills, damage and environmental issues
  • detect and report on natural or environmental hazards, including seismic activities


  • support dozens of operational functions, including analysis and logistics
  • inspect buildings, other infrastructure, tanks
  • inspect confined spaces
  • minimise shutdowns
  • provide warnings about hazards
  • support emergency services and medical operations
  • provide live feeds

Who is this service perfect for?

  • virtually anyone working in the oil and gas industry