Drone Hire + RePL Qualified Operator (per hour)


Simply select the number of hours you wish to hire us for and we will get in touch once you have made your purchase. Or contact us at sales@geodronesaustralia.com.au or phone 1800 731 000.



If you need to hire a drone but don’t know how to fly, or are not qualified, then consider one of Geodrones Australia’s qualified drone pilots. Contact Geodrones Australia if you have any specific questions, otherwise simply contact us for a quote and we will send you through our best price based on your requirements. Remember to consider factors like:

  1. Is the work location within 5.5km of an airport?
  2. Is there likely to be many people or pets/animals around when filming?
  3. Does the place where you want to film require permission to do so (we can arrange that if required, or if not sure just ask)?
  4. Will there be other friends, family or colleagues included in the videos/photos that will require a release for you to publish on the internet/social media?


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