We develop rapid solutions.


We are passionate about innovative technology.
We develop solutions that marry advanced manufacturing with electronic systems to serve your unique needs.

Recent projects

Development of high power propulsion aerial systems for utility in Defence and National Security sectors.

  • Development of electric powertrains for unmanned aerial systems used in the National Security and Defence sectors, with a focus on safety and reliability whilst achieving industry leading power to weight performance and efficiency.

Development of smart motors and battery modules as part of a real-time health monitoring system to increase safety and control of unmanned aerial systems.

  • Development of bespoke aerospace grade electric motors with built in health and performance monitoring systems for use in safety critical applications.
  • Design and manufacture of custom battery modules with integrated battery management system (BMS) implemented in a range of applications from high power density/discharge to long endurance missions with a focus on real-time power management, maximising energy density and range optimisation.

Our capabilities

GDA Aerospace

    • R&D services provided to government clients to investigate use or design of drones.
    • Designing innovative robot and automation technology, allowing for better identification and navigation in GPS denied environments.
    • In-house design of drones​.

GDA Technologies

  • Design and manufacturing where strong, durable and light weight innovative solutions are required.

GDA Powertrains

  • R&D services and manufacturing of sovereign electric motors and battery technology.

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