Not all drones are equal. For the best results, choose a company that has invested in high-quality, professional drones that produce superior results. Revolutionary drone equipment performs in ways that ordinary drones cannot.

Our next-generation equipment carries a range of payloads and a sophisticated, highly sensitive camera, which provides dozens of advantages over other drones:

  • operate more safely
  • can fly in super close and in difficult-to-access areas
  • can fly confidently in a strong breeze or light rain
  • can fly in low-light and at night
  • enable pilots to do more in less time
  • enable pilots to collect comparable visual and thermal data in a single flight
  • allow pilots to get detailed temperature data in real time

DJI Zenmuse Z30 camera

  • powerful—incredible 30 times optical zoom with up to 6 times digital zoom
  • can stay a safe distance from the subject but zoom in to capture intricate detail

DJI XT2 camera

  • highlysensitive thermal camera
  • twice the power through a dual-sensor capability, pairing a radiometric thermal sensor with a 4K visual camera (integrated into one system)
  • powerful sensors
  • onboard intelligence, giving pilots a host of smart features
  • capture thermal data providing actionable insights, even when the drone is flying
  • can fly at night