The benefits of using our state-of-the-art drone technology are only limited by your imagination. Our economical service is a real game-changer for any industry or special event. You’re guaranteed to capture aerial photography and videography in a way that has never been possible.

When choosing a drone operator, however, don’t select from mid-air.

Geodrones Australia’s team of talented, licensed professionals fly safely and legally. We respect privacy laws. We’re authorised to fly at night. Our equipment is low noise, non-intrusive and not harmful to the environment.

Unlike many drone services, we always have two operators on deck—one for flying and one for safety.

Other benefits

  • save time and money
  • help solve problems
  • reduce risks, including with manual labour
  • capture real-time data, around the clock, for informed decisions
  • deliver efficiencies
  • sell products
  • create high visual impact
  • ensure you stand out from competition.