Embedded Firmware Engineer
Geodrones Australia

Located in Canberra, Australia, Geodrones Australia is a growing technology company, specialising in bringing the latest in drone technologies and associated services to our community of business, government organisations and citizens.

Entering the design, development and build phase of a long-term growth strategy, we are assembling a diverse and inclusive team in the aerospace industry. We are creating a range of bespoke uncrewed system solutions for the Defence & National Security sector, including heavy-lift logistics and casualty evacuation aircraft.  We offer potential employees the opportunity to work on cutting edge technology, innovating and helping accelerate our vision of drones that play a central role in Australia’s national security and supply chain infrastructure.

Role Overview

Geodrones is actively looking for a passionate Embedded Firmware Engineer to join our team. As an early-stage technology company, this is a multidisciplinary position. A successful candidate will be enthusiastic and efficient in both an office and shop floor environment. Working as an Embedded Firmware Engineer you will be responsible for executing the complete embedded software development lifecycle across our cutting-edge technology stack for deployment in current and future products.


  • Develop embedded software to run on bare-metal processors running ARM
  • Develop application software to run within a Real Time Operating System (RTOS) and/or embedded Linux
  • Develop hardware drivers to interface Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs), Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs), Global Positioning Systems (GPSs) and other aerial based sensors and effectors.
  • Develop and maintain comprehensive unit tests within a continuous integration framework
  • Assist with static and flight testing of unmanned aerial systems
  • Be a self-starter that can problem solve and complete tasks independently


  • Ability to work effectively within a small team
  • Adaptability, initiative, respect, communication and honesty as essential core skills
  • 1+ years’ experience developing with C/C++ software for embedded systems
  • Experience with embedded development and testing procedures
  • Experience with common version control procedures and tools
  • Familiarity of networking protocols and layers, CANBUS, TCP/IP, UDP, sockets
  • Proficiency developing embedded software to interface with serial (UART, SPI, I2C) devices
  • Demonstrated success working in a dynamic environment with multiple priorities
  • Must be able to receive and maintain a minimum AGSVA Security Clearance – Baseline (or ability to achieve), requiring an Australian citizenship


  • Experience developing within the PX4/Ardupilot ecosystem
  • Experience working with high voltage battery management systems
  • Demonstrated involvement with extra-curricular multidisciplinary projects (e.g. Formula SAE Electric/Solar car at University)
  • Working knowledge of the PCB Design and manufacturing process.
  • Experience working with Python
  • Experience developing software for autonomous vehicles operating in harsh environments, such as missiles, rockets, satellites, UAVs, or autonomous underwater vehicles
  • Formula SAE Electric/Solar car and/or Rocketry Team experience
  • AGSVA Security Clearance – Baseline (or ability to achieve)

To apply, or for any questions about the role, please contact admin@geodronesaustralia.com.au