Meet Geodrones.

We are innovators and ecosystem builders.
Canberra-based, credentialed and capable.
We are Geodrones Australia.

Our values

We are passionate about innovative technology, delivering rapid solutions, connection to community and a robust Australian industry.

  • Passion for innovative technology – developing solutions that marry advanced manufacturing with electronic systems to meet current and emerging customer needs​
  • Speed of delivering solutions to problems
  • Connected communities - recognising that we are stronger if we work together and share resources​
  • Vibrant and robust Australian industries – building sovereign capabilities to meet Australia’s needs without over-reliance on international suppliers ​

Our vision

A market where ...

  • Drones are fundamental to our national supply chain infrastructure
  • Australia is a leader in unmanned systems development, rapid prototyping and agile technology solutions
  • The Australian Capital Territory is the East Coast hub for aerial R&D and Heavy Lift Drone Operations
Geodrones Feb '24

About us

Geodrones Australia is a Canberra-based company, specialising in bringing the latest in drone technologies and associated services to our community of business, government organisations and citizens. ​

Geodrones was established in 2018 by Jason Vella, with a view to exploring how drones may be used to advance sustainability and efficiency of daily activities and business operations. ​

Geodrones is fully credentialled. We are licensed by CASA to operate drones for commercial purposes and our drone pilots have individual CASA accreditations.​

Our journey so far has been about understanding what it means to be a drone business. We are now refocussing on an ambitious growth agenda and elevating our contributions to the ACT community. Our CEO appointment – Glenn Alcock – is central to this plan. Glenn has the mandate to accelerate Geodrones, our customers and our partners towards our vision of an unmanned systems ecosystem based in the Australian Capital Territory servicing Australia’s defence and national security agencies.​

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Canberra, ACT Australia.

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