Innovative and capable drone technology

Geodrones Australia develops rapid solutions.

We pair advanced manufacturing with electronic systems to meet current and emerging needs of the business, government organisation and citizen communities.


Our work

GDA Aerospace

  • R&D services provided to government clients to investigate use or design of drones.
  • Designing innovative robot and automation technology, allowing for better identification and navigation in GPS denied environments.
  • In-house design of drones​.

GDA Technologies

  • Design and manufacturing where strong, durable and light weight innovative solutions are required.

GDA Powertrains

  • R&D services and manufacturing of sovereign electric motors and battery technology.
CRC-P Grant secured by Geodrones Australia

Our values

We are passionate about innovative technology, delivering rapid solutions, connection to community and a robust Australian industry.


Our vision

We envisage a market where drones are fundamental to our national supply chain infrastructure.

Australia will be a leader in unmanned systems development, rapid prototyping and agile technology solutions.

And, we envisage Australian Capital Territory will become the East Coast hub for aerial R&D and Heavy Lift Drone Operations.

Contact us

Canberra, ACT Australia.

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